Abo Aziza Mohamed, F: Neurotransmitters And Reproduction In

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Camels are the principal animals living in arid areas because they exhibit certain characteristics that enable them to survive the severe drought conditions. Camel meat, milk and other by products are indispensable for human life. This is beside the importance of camel as a race animal. The reproductive efficiency of camels under their natural pastoral conditions is low. During the last decade, many interference and manipulation of reproduction were discussed by huge literatures. The present book is an endeavor for profound exploration about the role of some neurotransmitters on gonadotropins release in healthy camels and those suffering from trypanosomiasis during the breeding season. The deleterious effects upon the release of gonadotropins and consequently reproduction were discovered and how the correction was done by neurotransmitters, GnRH or calcium agonist and antagonist.

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