Early Main Group Metal Catalysis


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An indispensable reference on early main group metals in catalysis for synthetic chemists in academia and industryEarly Main Group Metal Catalysis contains a comprehensive overview of catalytic reactions in the presence of group 1 and group 2 metals. The book?s chapters are organized according to the type of reaction to help easily navigate information. Every chapter contains basic information on the elements covered, and fundamental concepts are enhanced with illustrative examples that cover the main developments. . The text describes various reactions including: polymerization of alkenes, hydroamination and phosphination reactions, hydrosilylation, hydroboration and hydrogenation catalysis, and enantioselective and Lewis acid catalysis. This important book:-Provides a short introduction on polar organometallic chemistry and synthesis of early main group metal complexes Reviews the early main group metals, such as calcium and magnesium, that are useful catalysts for various organic transformations-Addresses catalytic chemists, chemists working with organometallics, organic chemists, natural products chemists, and chemists in industry and academicaWith contributions from leaders in the field , Early Main Group Metal Catalysis is a valuable guide on the most recent developments and new possibilities of early main group metals in catalysis.

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