Gift From The Sea

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A Gift from the Sea . . . Prevagen’s power to fight aging and disease comes from a very special ingredient: a calcium-binding protein called aequorin, which was discovered in one of the simplest organisms on the earth, the jellyfish. The decline in the number of naturally-occurring calcium-binding proteins in our bodies as we age contributes to the onset of old age, inflammation, and disease. Aequorin replenishes these critical proteins and keeps our cells healthy. Fighting the onset of old age and disease is as simple as taking Prevagen every day. Quincy Bioscience Quincy Bioscience was founded on June 7, 2004, just a few short days after the passing of President Ronald Reagan, a time when the nation’s attention turned to the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease. Quincy Bioscience is motivated to make a difference in the quality of life for those afflicted with the diseases of aging, and also for those who want to fight the aging process through preventative measures. As President Reagan noted on a plaque that sat on his Oval Office desk, ‚It Can Be Done!‘

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