Living Soil: How To Create Regenerative Soil For A Healthy Organic Garden (eBook, ePUB)

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Have you ever noticed how fruits and vegetables from supermarkets don’t taste as good as they did before? You’re not alone. Even after hunting for the most plump looking tomatoes or strawberries, your first bite leaves you begging the question, where’s the flavor? The increasing demand on farmers to produce the fastest, highest-yielding crop comes with a price: it’s less nutritious and environmentally detrimental. Decades of using fertilizers and pesticides have stripped the soil of many required elements and microbes needed to grow nutritious food, resulting in the decline of many essential vitamins and minerals in our diet. Using data from the US Department of Agriculture, Donald Davis from the University of Texas published a paper in The Journal of American College of Nutrition pointing to a significant decline in protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and Vitamins B2 & C in 43 different fruits and vegetables from 1950 to 1999. Is there a way to grow delicious food at home without fertilizers and pesticides? Well, nature has been doing it for over 450 million years! It’s called soil. A healthy soil is a living, breathing ecosystem that provides all the nutrients for your garden to thrive. You can have an eco-friendly and sustainable way to produce your own tastier and nutritious food or just have thriving houseplants easily, without the conventional work of gardening. In this book, you will discover: – The regenerative ecosystem and food web of soil- How to create your own living soil in an easy step by step guide- How to maintain a thriving microbial ecosystem in your garden- How to aerate your soil without tilling- How to plan your crop rotation around your soil health- Natural ways to combat pests, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies, and much more! With Living Soil, you will be able to grow beautiful plants indoors and outdoors, even if you are just a beginner or haven’t had much success in the past. So if you want to know more, then scroll up and add Living Soil to your Cart!