Peeters, M: Biohybrid nanocomposites

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Inspired on a unique calcium carbonate structure in nature, the goal was to synthesize an amphiphilic block copolymer that for high performance nanocomposites. The hydrophilic part is based on naturally occurring proteins and as hydrophobic block poly-n-butylacrylate was chosen. The block copolymers are synthesized by using a bifunctional initiator for NCA ring polymerization and subsequently performing a Nitroxide Mediated Radical Polymerization by macro-initiation of the peptide block. Side reactions were occurring during NCA polymerization, which were avoided by lowering the temperature to 0 ºC. Calcium carbonate crystallization experiments performed on the hydrophilic block show that the resulting crystal shape was affected. A new initiator based on SG1 was developed which was successful in performing the ring opening polymerization of the peptide monomer. However, more research should be conducted to improve control over the block copolymerization. Cryo-TEM analysis of the resulting block copolymer showed that a particle structure was formed which confirmed that it is possible to synthesize a block copolymer that is amphiphilic.

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