Pumps, Transporters, and Ion Channels

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From the contents:Channels and Pumps Early in Evolution – The Possible Role of Aquaporin 0 in Lens Physiology.- Central Role of the Ca2+i Regulatory Site in Ionic and Metabolic Modulation of Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger in Dialyzed Squid Axons.- Calcium Dependence of Calcium Release Channels (Ryanodine Receptors) from Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle.- Modulation of Ryanodine Receptor Channels from Rat Brain Cortex in Lipid Bilayers.- Exocytic Pathway Check Points for Functional Potassium Channels in the Plasma Membrane.- C-Termini Region Shared by ss2A, ss1B, and ss3 Subunits Confer Prepulse Facilitation to Cardiac Calcium Channels.- Differential Expression of Ca Channels and Synaptic Transmission in Normal and Ataxic Knock-Out Mice.- Investigating the Modular Basis of BK Channel Activating by Calcium.- Helical Nature of the Voltage Sensor.- Peptide Toxins as Conformational Probes for K-Channels.- Molecular Participants in Voltage-Dependant Gating.- Ca2+ Dynamics at Nerve-Terminal Active Zones Monitored by Endogenous KCA Channels.- Fine Tuning of Excitability by Kca Hannels in Mudpuppy Parasympathetic Neurons.

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