Remediation of Fluoride in Waste Water

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Water is the major medium of fluoride intake by humans . Fluoride in drinking water can be either beneficial or detrimental to health, depending on its concentration. The presence of fluoride in drinking water within permissible limits is beneficial in the calcification of dental enamel.The world’s fluoride stores in the ground are estimated to 85 million tons. Out of which nearly 12 million tons are located in India. The most common fluorine-bearing minerals, which constitute natural source for fluoride in drinking water, are fluorite, apatite, rock phosphate and topaz. The low calcium and magnesium hardness and high alkalinity are characteristic in the majority of the drinking water samples.In this book ,using chemical technology fluoride remediation in water is represented in very easy way which is very straightforward and crystal. So this book is very beneficial for science and engineering students as well as any reader those who are interested to know environmental hazard and their remediation.Wish a very good luck for my first promotion.

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