The Best of Alternative…from Alternative’s Best: Views of America’s Top Alternative Physicians

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Can America’s wild calcium craze really save bones? Does Alzheimer’s have a heavy metal or fluoride link? Could hypothyroidism be part of the answer? Can Lyme disease imitate other diseases such as MS or ALS? What are alternative physicians using to treat this treacherous spirochete? Do autism and Alzheimer’s share the same roots? Are Americans facing an iodine deficiency? Do you think your skin is totally safe with sunscreen? Think again. Can a popular antibiotic cause Achilles‘ tendon rupture? If you’re on statin drugs for cholesterol, shouldn’t you be taking Coenzyme Ql0? Has a major study proven the least expensive diuretics are the best for treating high blood pressure? Could there be a fungus link to that sinus infection? Can a new breath machine diagnose disease? Can bee propolis relieve pain and fight bacteria? What does your blood type say about the foods you should and shouldn’t eat? Can a sugar in cranberry help urinary tract infections? Learn about the simple things you can do to enhance your well-being and use nature to work with and heal your body….

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